Fitness Scheduled

Here we talk about 6 week fitness program before main tournament. Fitness is the main thing that effects on your performance. Like any athlete, cricket players also need to follow a strength and conditioning program that aims towards them peaking at certain stages of the year.


So fitness is most important for a professional cricket . Every game have different field same as cricket have mostly three field like Batting, Bowling and fielding. So lets see how fitness is important in cricket.

  • Batting

First of all we talk here about a batsman who scored runs. Batsman aim stay at the crease  for as long as possible, sometimes for periods of over 4 hours. In order to occupy this position, a good bats man most be able to stay focused, have good ball / eye skills, and have the strengths and fitness to make each shot played count. So these ability comes to good fitness

The power will come from having a strong core, abdominal mid-section and the ability to generate explosive upper body actions, however with that said, using the kinetic energy of the ball as it speeds towards you, only requires a slight change in direction in order to score 4 runs – unfortunately this skill has only be given to a few class bats man.

  • Bowling

Bowlers require both explosive strength and speed, combined with good muscular endurance, in order to be able to maintain a high number of over’s in test cricket as well in ODI. Poor fitness and muscular strength will result in inaccurate bowling, and greater risk of injury, especially for high speed bowlers. So fitness is main for fast bowlers.

Because all players will at same time in the game, play a combination of batting and fielding, as well as bowling. Your fitness will show in the game , How to react during fielding, How to bowl with high intensity with good accuracy. These all things depends on your high level fitness.

  • Fielding

Fielders need the ability to sustain a concentrated effort for a 6 hour plus period without fatigue, in sometimes very warm conditions. There bodies most be capable of explosive bursts at any given time – such as racing for a ball, jumping for a catch.

Aim to keep your body moving whilst on the pitch, walking and stretching the muscles whenever possible. Keep your mind busy by visualizing exactly what you will do when the ball comes towards you.