Cricket Fitness – Monday

Cricketsupport provide you Fitness Schedule  ( Specific Preparatory Phase )

of seven day program.


At the start of the week we talk here The Day Monday, divided your work out in Six part as given below

    1. Walk

                Exercise   Dosages
 a.    Deep/Diaphragm Breathing   5-10 times
 b.   Walking on heel and Toe   25mt.x2x2
 c.   Walking on inside and outside of foot   25mt.x2x2

   2.  Warm Up Aerobic Session

                                        Exercise  Dosages
 a.   Cycling/Jogging, Slow Running & Combined with exercise 15 Mint.
 b.    Stretching & Flexibility  15 Mint.

       3.   Aerobic /Endurance/Running Session

                 Exercise   Dosages
   a.    Running Session   25 Mints. ( Up to 15 days
   b.    Interval Method/ Fartlek    30 Mints  ( Up to 15 days)
   c.    140-160 B/Min    40 Mints  ( Up to 15 dayas)

        4.  Core And Scapula Stability

   Exercise    Dosages
  a.    Sit Ups ( Bend Knee, Straight Leg, Arm &Leg, Boat posture    25×8 No.
  b.    Push Ups (Normal, Fingers pointing each other  )    20×3 No.
  c.    Back Strengthening & Stretching      –

            5. Cooling Down with Stretching- 10 Mints.

Cool down the body 10 mints . its important to avoid injuries.

            6.  Yoga Nindra/ Relaxation -15 mints

Yoga is an Important for your relaxation and concentration, you completely feel fresh and new . 15 Mints Yoga play a important role for a Batsman .