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What is cricket and how to play cricket

What is Cricket and How to play Cricket

Cricket, A big Sport for India, Australia, England, Pakistan and many other country.  But you can say for India it is Religion, it is drug for Indian people  at season time. So if you are a fan of this sport nothing is important than cricket.

But a young guy takes a dream to become a cricketer there are many question in his mind “what is cricket and How to play cricket”. He don’t know the real fact of cricket, i.e “How to play the Cricket”

He (Dreamer) think it is very easy  sport stand and hit the sixes and boundaries like Chris Gayle, Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat kohli. But it is not reality. Cricket is not an easy  sport. there are many facts which differentiate it to other Global sports. Cricket needs passion, skills, ability, agility, endurance, flexibility, adaptability, readability and most important is Fitness. If you are mature in all things sure you will clarify the question “How to Play  Cricket”.

Now  let’s discuss “why cricket is toughest sport as compare with other sports”. Generally all cricketer can play leading sports like Football, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis and other skillful games. But its very difficult for other sports player to play cricket in right manner and how to play cricket. You know Cricket needs a perfect body balance and right combination of mind and body muscles.

So if you want to be cricketer you need to be passionate for your cricket, for your dream. Today cricket is not a sport, it is a profession, expectation of fans. They want to you something new or something different. If you don’t handle the pressure like this you can’t be cricketer.

Finally , I personally recommend some important things that will help you to find out the exact Answer of “What is Cricket and How to Play Cricket”.

1. Passion

You should be passionate for cricket, for your dream, for leading sport of the world.

2. Fitness

Your Fitness level must be mature and countable at filed and game.

3. Skills

You should be skillful in your department like bowling, batting as well as in fielding. These three things are directly connect to your fitness level.

4. Time Punctuality

You can’t ignore your daily practice session when you at learning period. Your  game should be your first priority.

5. Positive Approach

Your positive approach or positive thought process give you confidence and it makes you different to others.

6. Mind Set

Your mind set decide your real character. Who are you ? How much you have ability? what is your fitness level ? Your success, your failure, your game, your carrier, your dream and your cricket. If you decided I will do it, there is no one can change your character , approach and your thought process . So Set your Mind in Right way and live your dream.

“I hope this article will be helpful for you and give right direction “How to Play Cricket”